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Locked Fort 4
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It turns out, one locked fort leads to other locked forts. After finishing the third one, you somehow got the hang of solving puzzles and finding items. There were even times when you find them super fun. And finding them excites you. And so you work on them. A moment also came when you wished that your current situation will not end soon. Someone must have been listening to your silent wishes. So now unending puzzles surround you. But somehow you know that these kinds of situations will not solve themselves. It's either you work on them. Or stay stuck hoping things will just simply turn around. And they actually do sometimes. Yet it would be much easier to expect results when you do something about your predicament. So instead of lamenting over being stuck, you started to see the wonders of the fort.

This 4th fort is like an adjacent building to the previous ones. The monotonous tones of colors and the depressing atmosphere still surrounds the place. The dim light inside made it hard for you to tell the time of the day. However, no matter what the time is, all you care about now is escaping. Locked Fort 4 room escape game by 5N games is part of the locked fort series. So expect challenging forts to come.

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