Little Magic House Escape

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This old house possesses all sorts of secrets and all of it are in relation to magic! Nobody would believe that there was that, but as a researcher who extensively did her best to uncover the secrets of the place, Carrie was able to find a secret room which was perfectly kept through the generations! And that room was of course what she was looking for. She knew it there was something like this there, and now she is seeing what had been hundreds of years ago and as it looks, indeed there is a possibility that this might have a relation to real magic.

Carrie continued her investigation there, checking things out and listing some stuff, but as she was about to leave however, she realized something was up and now the resulting end of that is she couldn’t get out of the place! The doors were now locked and no matter how hard she opened them, it seems to be really locked. What a strong door despite of it being old. Okay how did this happen anyways? Did somebody lock her inside? That is impossible for she knows she had been alone, this could be an accident. Well accident or not she still needs to escape from there. Escape players, Carrie needs a little help here for she is trapped, will you be able to help her so she can show this house to the world?

Little Magic House Escape is the newest point and click old place escape game from 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Little Magic House Escape


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