Kristine And The Children In Chains Game

Kristine And The Children In Chains

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Kristine loves the children so much. She cares for them more than she cares for herself. So when she heard that the children in the castle are in trouble, she quickly went there to rescue them. However, Kristine can't do this alone. You can be a huge part for this rescue operation so you have to help her out. This is the adventure that you both have to take. Two heads are better than one which means that the children can escape faster with your help. This is not an easy adventure to take but with the help of the clues that can help you and Kristine out, you can surely solve everything in no time. The children need your help as soon as possible so you have to move really fast.

There are will be puzzles that you will encounter along the way but you should not worry too much because there are items that you can use to solve those. Not only that, there are also hints that can guide you in this adventure. Play this brand new point n' click adventure game from Jo99 and help Kristine And The Children In Chains to escape. Best of luck!

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