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It had been a lot of years before you were able to see your friends in Hartford, Connecticut. You stayed there for four years to study. But after your education there, you went away to find your own place in this world. It was such a tough decision. You were caught between staying with the comfort and familiarity. Or leaving for something that could be bigger and better. You had thought about your decisions for many times before finally deciding to leave. Your friends were at the airport to see you off. You never turned to look back at them for the fear of breaking down. They were quite supportive with your decision. But it somehow didn't lessen the loneliness you had felt. So you made a decision to visit them this year. It was a surprise visit. So you shocked your friends with your presence.

Although you tried to have no contact with them whatsoever, they still welcomed you warmly. You felt so at home with them and hoped you would never leave. But you needed to get back to the life you'd built for yourself. However, you first need to find your keys before you start on your journey towards home. Play Hartford room escape game by Hooda Math.

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