Halloween Pet Dog Escape

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It’s Halloween and Larry needs to enter the dark forest for something needs his help there. What he needs to rescue there is a small dog and he just caught-wind of this through reports which came from the people who went there. They couldn’t rescue the dog which was trapped in a cage themselves for they were scared of what might happen, so Larry will take this for he has the guts.

Escape players, Larry here will enter the forest and rescue this dog and what makes this task difficult was the fact this evening was Halloween! So all sorts of spooks will be coming-out of there and probably would stop him from doing the rescue too. Will you help Larry then go through with the stuff there so he can reach the dog and rescue him?

Halloween Pet Dog Escape is a new point-and-click spooky wilderness animal rescue escape game developed by Hidden O Games.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Pet Dog Escape

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4 months ago

Here you go. Here is a typical example of the “thinking” of coders (sorry, I can’t even call them programmers!).
So, in your puzzle you only have the numbers 0, 3, 6 and 9. Question: what should the key look like for the player? Right! Clock dials or (even better) hands in 4 orthogonal directions.
But a coder will never do that. He will simply draw a key with the numbers 0, 3, etc.
Stupid? Certainly. But the coder doesn’t need to think about it at all.