Goat House Escape Game

Goat House Escape

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Assume in this game you are an obsessed traveller who have been roaming the most spectacular landscapes of your country for years. One day you decided to visit a relatively neglected part of your country because it was surrounded  by giant factories and was polluted highly. You were strolling in a dense forest when suddenly you could smell pleasant odour of baking cake. You followed the scent and end up in front of a small house. It was owned by a kind woman who was sitting on its terrace. As she noticed she invited you inside and offered to taste the delicacy. You were munching the cake when suddenly you realized she was out o the house. You thought she might be back in minutes but after hours you became suspicious. You wanted to get out but appallingly found the door locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!



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