Glacier Ice Hotel Escape

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This ice hotel thing is really testing engineering to the edge, well modern engineering still wins though for this hotel up North is actually a stable and a place to visit now! As one of its first customers, Florence went there for she wanted to give it a go and stay there for maybe one night. This vacation of hers is long, so it’s only right that she’ll come to stay in the place maybe for just 24 hours. And so she did! She was excited for she thought this was going to be great. Well great, until something happened which seems to have gotten her in some trouble.

Florence tried to look for her room as she got the keys, she purposely did not ask for a guide but then that backfired rather quickly, for she got lost and because there are no people where she was, she couldn’t find her way anymore! Okay maybe Florence needs to restart here, maybe find the exit of the place and then start from there. But the problem is where was the exit exactly? Escape players, Florence needs a little help here so she can get to the entrance of the place which she was very familiar of. Will you help here navigate so that eventually she can find her room?

Glacier Ice Hotel Escape is a brand new point and click icy indoor escape game from Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Glacier Ice Hotel Escape


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