Gems Forest Escape Game

Gems Forest Escape

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The king trusts you so much. In fact, he picked you to do an important task and that is to collect gems in the forest. He needs a total of 45 gems and he needs it for his crown. He believes that you have the capacity to do this and you have to prove him right. One thing that he promised you is that you will be the head knight if you can complete this task. The thing is, you only have a few minutes to do this. Because of that, you have to move right now and find all of those gems. But since you don't know where each one hides, you will need clues and hints that can help you to locate those. You also have to gather objects that you can use to collect the gems.

You don't have much time left so you have to be quick. Your logic is very important for you to complete this one so really have to think about it. Gems Forest Escape is a brand new exciting outdoor escape game created by Ainars and Zeb for Escape Fan. Play this point n' click escape game and you will surely have fun. Enjoy!


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