The bunker is very rundown in Gems Bunkr Escape game.

Gems Bunker Escape

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Almost nobody knew about this bunker where the enemy kept a hoard of treasures. An old man is wandering inside the rundown bunker reminiscing the old days. He spent years in this bunker guarding the treasures as a spy for the Alliance and in addition, as a messanger to his fellow agents . He came with three of his eldest grandsons who are interested in their grandfather’s spying days even more. To them, it’s the coolest thing ever! He is showing them the rooms one by one following his duties back in the day.

His main duty is to keep guard of the various treasures the enemy leader stole from the people and the government. He has seen the rumored treasure and it’s enough for them. They spent a good three hours exploring the bunker before deciding to go back to their lodging. Suddenly, one of the walls collapsed and they were barricaded inside. The grandfather is trying to remember an old exit and soon all four are back to exploring, discovering the mysteries of the gem bunker.

Gems Bunker Escape is a brand new point ‘n click game made by Ainars for Escape Fan. You have to find 8 gems and an exit key in order to get out of here.

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Walkthrough video for Gems Bunker Escape

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