Garden Motor Room Game

Garden Motor Room

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Your garden is incredible huge. There are so many plants all over the place and the flowers look great. You would love to be hands-on with your garden. Because of that, you do everything by yourself. While you were walking around your garden, you noticed that the grasses grew tall. You have to maintain its height so you have to trim those off. So, you went to the Garden Motor Room. This is where your garden motor materials are like your lawn mower. You grabbed the lawn mower and got ready to trim the grass. The problem is, the door in the Garden Motor Room won't open. You don't have a spare key on your pocket. Thankfully, there are items in the room that you can use to open the door.

There are some puzzles that you might encounter as you try to escape. With that, you must look for clues that can help you out. You also have to use your logic to escape quickly. It is better do your gardening chores on morning so you have to escape before the sun comes down. Play this newest room escape game by NSR Games and escape from the Garden Motor Room. Good luck!

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