Forest Barracks Escape Game

Forest Barracks Escape

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Imagine in this game you are a successful entrepreneur who had managed to develop a company which seemed to be thriving in the last years. You earned millions of dollars and you became the member of hunting group which consisted of rich people. One day one of you decided to organize a journey to the fascinating mountains of the Alps and spend a weekend there hunting for deers and wild boars. When you arrived you were disappointed by the accommodation. It was just an unsophisticated wooden house in the middle of a forest without even electricity. All of you left the place immediately but you stayed and enjoyed the peace alone. The next morning you were ready to explore the landscape and hunt down some wild animal when you realized the entrance of the barrack was locked. You couldn't ask for help because you had no signal on your phones amongst the mountains. Find hidden objects and fit them together to make your way out. Good luck!



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