A dark colored bedroom lacks sunshine in Flowers Room Escape game.

Flowers Room Escape

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Maria came from the Philippines and wants to start fresh abroad where the rest of her family is. She arrives at her new apartment without knowing its history. She immediately applies for a job in an office and starts work asap because of the need of staff. Leaving her past behind is not easy, however, she’s learning to move on. The accident that took the life of her mother and son is just too painful. She thought perhaps moving away, closure is at hand.

One day, she came home exhausted and wants to relax. Finally making herself some tea, she sat down at the living room and eventually felt drowsy.A bit later, you start smelling something odd. The smell of flowers is just to obvious to brush off. Suddenly you remember a saying back home. If suddenly you start smelling flowers without so much as a bloom anywhere nearby, a spirit of a departed loved one is visiting. You settle down on your seat and smiled to yourself. They’re here, you thought. I’m not alone anymore.




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Walkthrough video for Flowers Room Escape

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