Flight Of Fancy Escape

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Never in your life, you thought that you can ride in a fancy plane. Thanks to your rich friend, he gave you a once in a lifetime chance to ride in his fancy plane. He owns one private island and you are heading there. He calls this Flight of Fancy. There is unlimited drinks and buffet throughout the flight. Imported beers and chocolates are also on board. Because of this, you can’t wait to share every part of your trip to your friends. And not only to your friends but to all the people on social media. However, it is not safe to open any gadgets while you are on the air. The signals might jam because of this. But no one can stop you from posting a picture except the pilot. You started to feel bothered when the pilot told you to hold on tight.

Moments later, your smooth flight became rough. There’s a big problem aboard and you have to escape from the Flight of Fancy to save your life. But the problem is, the doors are on locked down. You have to find a way to escape. There are objects on the plane that you can use to unlock the door. Flight Of Fancy Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from WoW Escape. Good luck!