Find Tropical Coconut 1

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Orville just made the best coconut juice in his life for it is made with not only very natural ingredients, but also expensive and premium ones. Now he left it in a room there while he gets something from another room in his house, but as he returned to the room where his drink was, he could not open it anymore!

Orville kind of knew this would happen when he left the room, for he kind of heard it locked and this door was problematic, but he just hoped that it didn’t, well he was wrong. Escape players, Orville needs to find the key here to the door so he can open the room and get his coconut. Will you help him then so that’ll be possible?

Find Tropical Coconut 1 is the newest point-and-click indoor item retrieval game from 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Find Tropical Coconut 1

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