Find The Gamer Pear

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You have a buddy here living in your home together with you and he is quite the gamer. But the thing about this was your buddy isn’t a normal person, but a pear the size of a human and can talk and walk!

That’s really crazy and most definitely would be hard for anyone else to digest, but you are used to this and he is a good friend. That day though he needs help for he got trapped in this room where he all day plays games! He is relaxed in there even though he is trapped, that’s because he just continues to play even when he is in trouble. Escape players, you still need to open that door under any circumstance for it is clearly locked which you don’t like. Will you be able to find the key to that room then so that it can be opened?

Find The Gamer Pear is the newest point-and-click indoor rescue escape game created by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Gamer Pear

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