Find The Drill Tool

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This construction site here in the city is getting busier for the floors are now starting to get higher. As a worker there, Sherwin is doing his respective tasks and everything seems to be going well, but he realized that he is missing a tool there which he needs right now and it’s ridiculous, for there is suppose to be more of that missing item around the site there.

Sherwin couldn’t find his power drill which he needs right-now for he has a lot of tasks to do which can be done with the help of that tool. Escape players, Sherwin couldn’t find not one available power drill in the site. There were other drills but they are in use. Guess he needs to check the tool stock rooms for that is the last place that he can check. Would you like to help Sherwin here with that for it’s a bit hard to get a tool from the stock?

Find The Drill Tool is a brand new point-and-click item retrieval game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Drill Tool

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