Find Hyena Subramani

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Subramani the hyena, one would thing it’s just an animal with a name but he isn’t, well kinda. For he is a talking hyena and walks on two legs! Right now he is in your house and he is harassing you for he is a soldier actually, you don’t know if it’s in his past life or something but you kind of asked this for you are lazy and you need a soldier-figure to keep you in check. But that day though, Subramani is the one who needs help, for he got trapped in one of the rooms in your house!

You can very much tell he is not happy inside that room escape players even when he sounds like he is laughing, he is really not and that’s why you need to find the key to that room and get him out pronto. Escape players, will you be able to free Subramani there and on the double?

Find Hyena Subramani is another new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game made by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Find Hyena Subramani

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