Find A Atm Card Game

Find A Atm Card

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The office is now silent and Bridgette is the only one rummaging there like a treasure hunter. Well that's because the boss had asked her to find his ATM card that have gone missing and he seriously thinks that it is in the office somewhere in the private sector of it. That place is huge! But Bridgette can only breathe a sigh of discomfort for she thought that this might be a long find, well she wasn't wrong with that too.

Bridgette could not find the card and that's why she needs to move from one place to another. She went through her boss' cabinets and drawers but still nowhere to be found, not even the desks there but she refuses to give-up for there are a lot of places there to look into still. Escape players, it is after-hours for her now and this favor is really taking her time. Will you just help her so she can finally get herself home before an hour passes? Tinker through more receptacles here in the office then, use keys around so you can open some that are locked.

Find A Atm Card is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from WoW Escape.

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