Fear House Escape Game

Fear House Escape

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You and your cousins have a big age difference. However, that didn't stop them from bringing you to whatever stuffs their doing. It was their school festival more than a decade ago when they brought you to school. They must have enjoyed having you since they can dress you up and even have shared allowance. There was horror room as part of the attractions for their school festival. You were not a fan of anything scary but they can't leave you alone outside. So they made you enter the room with them. They ended up screaming their hearts out while you try to hang in their until the time's up. The ghosts inside the room caught your cousins and you all sat in the middle of the room. You could hear the new comers screaming their hearts out. It was more fun for you that way.

Then you noticed one of the ghosts just standing near the circle where you sat in the middle. You waited for the ghost to move and scare other people but it just stood there. And you felt like it was looking right at you. Just then, the facilitators called you out. You still had that memory in your head. And now your friends are venturing inside the Fear House. Will you experience the same in this place or will it be worse? Play Fear House room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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