Fatty Squirrel Escape Game

Fatty Squirrel Escape

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If there was one thing that you were most thankful for staying near the woods, it was having animal friends. One of the closest friend you had was a fatty squirrel. It was how you lovingly called the creature. But it wasn't always fat. The first time you saw the squirrel, it was just like any squirrel you saw. Then you became close to each since you always brought food with you. The squirrel tried to steal the food from you at first. But it learned to trust you. Then you started sharing the food. You always made sure to bring more than enough food. What you didn't know was that the squirrel couldn't stop eating as long as there was still food left. And then it became fat and that was when you started calling it fatty. The creature seemed to enjoy your presence as well.

Everyday you would meet in your favorite spot near the waterfall. But you were wondering why it didn't show up today. You thought it might just be running late. However, half of the day was already gone. And you still hadn't seen the squirrel. So you decided it was time to make your move. Play Fatty Squirrel Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games and save the squirrel.

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