Fantasy Land Dragon Escape

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This land is all wilderness and it hides a lot of secrets in it which residents haven’t even discovered yet. One of which was this dragon whom according to the stories, is trapped somewhere in the place and the first one to help it out will be granted a wish. But that’s just it though, for none had ever found this dragon and they doubt that this story was even true. Roy however thinks there is a core of truth to it, so he is going to go on an adventure that day to find this dragon and rescue it too!

What a wish Roy made here, there are not a lot of chances he’ll actually accomplish this, but because the forest here is weird, there is a chance that he actually might. Escape players, come and accompany Roy here as he ventures the land in search of this trapped dragon.

Fantasy Land Dragon Escape is the newest point-and-click mythical animal rescue game from Big Escape Games. 

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Walkthrough video for Fantasy Land Dragon Escape

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3 months ago

I got stuck with some cherries, hint of squares and another puzzle of letters R and C with numbers on the sides from 1 to 4, I can’t get out of there, can someone help me please?

Last edited 3 months ago by alice2
3 months ago
Reply to  Alice

resolved, thanks