Fantasy Forest Woodpecker Escape

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Your friend transformed into a woodpecker and went to the forest. You knew that he transformed by watching the CCTV footage in your home. He liked doing this in your home since you had a portal that led directly to the forest. It took you years to complete this portal and a few getting lost in space moments. Calibrating the portal to always take you to your desired place was such a big challenge. You always had to make your friends monitor where you were taken and then make necessary adjustments to avoid the same results. While you were focusing on this, your friend was also busy transforming himself into many animals. It took some practice too that he would sometimes get himself into trouble. Some people would spot him and report him as a monster. The news rooms would be in a frenzy.

It was your job to distract them and make them focus on new discoveries you took home from your travels. You let your friend use the portal in your home after it was stabilized. But it still didn’t prevent him from getting into some trouble. And you were still the one to save him. Play Fantasy Forest Woodpecker Escape outdoor escape game from Games 2 Rule.