Escape From Yellowish Rooms Game

Escape From Yellowish Rooms

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There's something about the color yellow. You know that once in your life, the color yellow had made such an impact. However, no matter how hard you try to remember, you can't seem to remember anything. You even try asking your parents about it. They just find you weird for asking something so trivial. But you know the effect of the color yellow to you means so much more. You try to think of other things instead. Likewise, you try to associate nothing with the color yellow. You're doing well for the past few days. Then you meet your friend and she asks you to visit her house. You haven't seen her for a while so you agree with her. You have no idea that her room is painted with the color yellow. Your memories about the color yellow is starting to bug you again.

You try to keep calm and just sit through it all. Your friend excuses herself to buy some snacks while you chat. You agree and just sit inside the room. However, the color is too much for you and you want to escape. But the door isn't opening and you're about to lose your mind. Play Escape From Yellowish Rooms room escape games by Avm Games.

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