Escape Spooky Basement Game

Escape Spooky Basement

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You love everything in your house except for one room. Since you moved in this house, you always avoid going in the basement. It's too dark down there and it's too spooky. So, you choose not to go there anymore. However, there is an event that pushed you to go down the basement. The electricity collapsed and the power box is down there. The darkness just adds up to the spookiness of the place but you don't have a choice but to investigate what happened. You don't plan to stay in the basement for a long time but looks like you will have to. The door is locked from inside. Unfortunately, you don't have a key with you. So, you have to look for another way to escape from this spooky basement.

Good thing that there are lots of items around the place and you can use those to open the door. Another thing that can help you out are the clues that you can see around the room. However, every minute in this place gets a little spookier so you have to be quick. Escape Spooky Basement is the newest room escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Good luck and have fun!


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