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Escape My Dad
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Your dad is the most wonderful person in the world. He wants to teach you so many things about mechanics. Every night, you must go to the garage and help him fix the car or something like that. However, this evening, you have to go to a friend's party. You can't miss that party but your dad wants you to fix a machine. You don't want to be sweaty at the party so the thing that you have in mind is to escape your dad. However, he is kind of strict and he knows you so well. He knows that you will escape tonight so he put up so many puzzles all over the place. The only way to escape is to solve those puzzles. You should not worry too much because there are many clues that can help you to solve those.

You can also use the items that you can see along the way. The only thing that you have to do is to use your logic so you can escape as soon as possible. Play this brand new point n' click outdoor escape game by Avm Games and find a way to Escape My Dad. Good luck!

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