Escape Medieval Fort Game

Escape Medieval Fort

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The excavation team have really done a pretty good job at restoring the stone fort which was buried in some sediment and that also preserved it really well, even the wooden door still has everything if not only half damaged. Theodore was one of the persons who will check the finished excavation of the world-renowned experts who executed such, just to see and also record what he can find there too. He was not expecting really mind-blowing there, although he wants that. Little did he know however that he is going to experience something which was definitely not he was expecting.

Instead of finding new stuff there, Theodore found-out that he is lost in the place now and that quickly turned from a simple tour, to an escape from the halls of the ancient fort! Okay, Theodore is still relaxed, but he does know how big the place is and how he can get lost there even more, knowing that he came in alone and there are more mysteries yet to be uncovered there also makes that even more of a concern. Escape players, will you help Theodore as he tries to find his way back and return with a map or somebody?

Escape Medieval Fort is another new point and click ancient place escape game made by 5n Games.

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