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Escape Juliet Romeo Love

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If people will ask about your love story, you really have a lot to tell. Your love stories are like an upside down roller coaster winding in any way imaginable. It's not that you mean it. It's just how you relationships develop. So when you're reading Juliet and Romeo's love story, you somehow wish you have the same. Then again, you can't go back to erase whatever you've been through. You look outside your window to rest your eyes for a bit. And your eyes fall on  two birds sitting sweetly on the branch of the tree. You smile as you watch them enjoying the beautiful weather. Just then, you hear an engine getting near. And suddenly, one of the birds disappears. You look around your window for it. Maybe it just flew away. The engine starts once more and you can see at the back of it, the bird.

You instantly run out of your house to chase the vehicle. Good thing your car's working perfectly fine and with full tank. Since the people inside the vehicle didn't know you saw them, it's easier to follow them. However, the cage you're after falls off the vehicle and down the cliff. You look for another way down to get the bird back to its lover. Play Escape Juliet Romeo Love outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games.

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