Escape From A Government Office Game

Escape From A Government Office

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You are a spy at a secret agency. And your mission for today is to get files from a government office. You smell something fishy about the government and you think that they are unfair to the people. There are hearsays that this government is corrupt and they get money from the people for their own sake. So you came here to investigate. However, it's not easy to get files from the office because you have to go through a lot of protocols. You don't want your investigation to be as slow as the government works. So you thought of a way to make your investigation easier and quicker. But things became harder for you when you dropped the key in the window.

Because of this, you have to find another way to Escape From A Government Office. There are items that you can collect and you can use those items to open the door. But you have to be quick because the secretary might come anytime soon. You must do this to give the people what they deserve. Play Escape From A Government Office room escape game from KNF Games and try to escape as fast as you can. Good luck!

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