Escape From Toon House Game

Escape From Toon House

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One of your most favorite cartoon was about a boy who has a magical chalk. Whenever he uses his chalk, he could go to a different world. And his chalk can create anything he wanted. This saved him from a lot of trouble his adventures would sometimes give him. You hadn’t seen this cartoon in a long time. Ever since you got a job, all you watched were YouTube videos. You could sometimes get lucky and spot the cartoons you used to watch before, but you missed the original where they were showing. You weren’t able to subscribe to them though. So you just stick with watching whatever was available on the internet. There were times when it seemed like nothing good was playing on the television that you easily fall asleep. And at times like this, you get yourself into weird worlds in your dreams.

You dreamt you were in a cartoon world. Since most cartoons started out on paper, everything was delicate. You had to be very careful not to rip anything or you’d lose your chance of returning to the real world. Find out other ways for you to escape. Play Escape From Toon House brand new room escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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