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Escape From House

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Leonard was in the house of his neighbor for he was told that they will be selling the place and he went there to take a look at it. Leonard asked them why him? And they said because they can trust him that he'll take good care of the place for they were now leaving to live in a new area. Leonard thought he couldn't just buy a new house just like that, but he couldn't pass the offer though for the house was being given to him to the lowest of prices! To somehow make his neighbor feel well for he was now in a hurry to find a new owner of his house, Leonard took a look inside the house even though ever since he first entered there, he already felt weird due to some mysterious things happening in there as well as the aura, it just doesn't feel okay for him sometimes.

The house was already empty than usual, his neighbor is really moving away but that's okay if they really think that's what's best for them. Leonard looked around and after a while, he noticed something even more weird. Leonard could not find his neighbor who was with him and no matter how he called, he was just nowhere to be found! Okay, this could be a prank now, Leonard said that even though he is getting quite scared there, but it only escalated when he realized he could no longer open the doors! This is some crazy prank really, why was his neighbor doing this? Leonard continued to call but still nothing. It was then he asked a few questions to himself, what if this is actually real? Well he needs to get out of there then for prank or real, he really should. Escape players, want to play as Leonard here and see if you can escape the house?

Escape From House is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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