Escape Car Factory Game

Escape Car Factory

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You went to sleep early last night. You're so tired of the previous day's event. It was one of the biggest events you held and all the stresses made you sleepy. Thankfully you're not having any headache now. Most of the time, when you hold gatherings like this, you end up having a terrible headache. So you rested early to wake up early the next day. You still have another event coming up and you don't want to be late. Everything's fine before you fell asleep. However, in the middle of the night you had a dream. Your dream felt so real. But, just like any creepy dream you have, you can't move. You've been through these kinds of dreams before. And the best way to combat creepy dreams is just to relax. So you relaxed your mind and body and you drifted back to sleep.

It was peaceful after that. Then again, your bed doesn't feel the same. Instead of the soft and warm bed, you can feel the hard and cold surface beneath. You opened your eyes to an unfamiliar ceiling with machines around. You looked around only to find yourself inside a car factory. Find your way out quickly! Play Escape Car Factory outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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