Enigma Escape – Find Daniel’s Gift

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You had a special gift for your friend Daniel but before he receives it, you gave him a little puzzle which he needs to solve. And the puzzle he went through easily like a hot knife through butter, now he is even in this room where his gift his hidden. You really expected no less from this guy, he is pretty good with his detective skills. But something happened though which was not part of the challenge.

Daniel got trapped in the room and at first he really thought this was part of the thingy, but it wasn’t and he really needs help there. Escape players, you have no clue what happened as well, but you are going to get your friend Daniel out of there for this is now a real problem.

Enigma Escape – Find Daniel’s Gift is the newest point-and-click indoor rescue escape game created by 8B Games. 

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Walkthrough video for Enigma Escape – Find Daniel’s Gift

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