Elegant Halloween House Escape Game

Elegant Halloween House Escape

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The neighbors have done a great thing indeed, that's because their decorations for Halloween are absolutely extravagant! One of the persons who was definitely interested of the new development concerning the Halloween decors was Jonathan and last year it was pretty weak, but now it's off the top! Well one of the reasons was there is a contest for Halloween house decorations and for the ones who will be picked as winners, they will win cash prize! Jonathan's house didn't match-up to the others and he knows it for it was too simple, so he just looked around the neighbors' decorations. It was okay at first as he roams around, but he never expected that he'll get in trouble there!

Jonathan got lost in the neighborhood and that's mainly because of the decors which seems to be causing an illusion! Jonathan knew he was lost and he knew he can fix it initially, but somehow at some point he made a mistake and now he is in a part of the neighborhood he haven't been to before! Now he doesn't know where to pass. Escape players, will you help Jonathan here so he can get back home quick before he gets lost even more?

Elegant Halloween House Escape is the newest point and click neighborhood escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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