Egyptian Golden Flower Palace Escape Game

Egyptian Golden Flower Palace Escape

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When you think about Egypt, the pharaohs will come into your mind. There is one unique palace in Egypt, it was the Egyptian Golden Flower Palace. It is the most beautiful palace that you will ever see but the thing is, nobody dares to enter it. The myth says that you can't get out from that palace unless you find the Golden Flower. It's too risky to go inside the palace but it's the risk that you want to take. You want to be the first person to discover the Egyptian Golden Flower. But first, you must be ready because there are puzzles that you must solve inside the palace. Take note that it is not just one puzzle but tons of puzzles inside there. In this case, you have to make your logic work to make the escape successful.

Be ready to be a part of the history. Collect items that you think that could be helpful your adventure. That golden flower serves as a crown so you can be the ruler or pharaoh of this palace if you find it. Egyptian Golden Flower Palace Escape is newest room escape game from KNF Games that will test your escape skills. Best of luck!

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