Educated Pencil Escape

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The classroom today was silent for the teacher who was the famous teacher pencil have not come in today. That’s kind of weird, for Dean there who was one of the staff of the school and he oversees everything, sees teacher pencil does not miss one day of duty. Something different is happening here and Dean was now concerned, and so he set-out to check on him just to see if he’s okay, they can’t really lose this teacher for he was really good in what he does, he always produces intelligent students and that is how good he is. Thankfully, Dean did what he did, for teacher pencil was actually in trouble and he needs help!

Escape players, you will now be playing as Dean here and you will be rescuing teacher pencil. Want to see what trouble he is in and if you can ever get him out of it? Carefully then, for teacher pencil here is a great asset in the community.

Educated Pencil Escape is a brand new point-and-click rescue escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Educated Pencil Escape

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