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Dream In The Forest

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There is no place like this forest. This is the most relaxing place that you can ever think of. Because of that, you can't help but fall asleep under the tree while watching the birds. What you didn't know is that sleep will take you somewhere far. You are not sure if this is a dream or not but when you opened your eyes, everything's suddenly magical. You are suddenly in a different forest. It is such a cool place to be but you know that you don't belong here. The good news is, there is a way to escape from this dream. However, the only way is to solve all the puzzles around it. Even though you are in your dream cloud, you still  have to use your logic to get away from here.

You should not worry too much about the puzzles because there are clues that can help you to solve those. Aside from that, there are items in this forest that you can use as an escape tool. This dream forest is way too far from reality and you have to wake up from it. Dream In The Forest is a brand new outdoor escape game by Mirchigames. Good luck!

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