Dove Rescue From Cage Game

Dove Rescue From Cage

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When you were just a pupil, you really loved the idea of owning a bird. It seemed like owning a bird can bring you a lot of fun and happiness. However, looking back, you can't really see the point anymore. You're simply stripping the bird of its freedom to live life freely. Ever since you understood the importance of animals, you became an advocate of animal rights. You can't take seeing animal cruelty even in its slightest form. So when you got the chance to talk with kids, you impart to them the importance of animals. You're really hoping to change the way most people think. There was a time when you met a couple of kids with birds on a string. You talked them into letting the bird go. And they did. One even asked you if he could buy another one.

You felt a bit disappointed. But you asked him if he'll buy it just to let it go. And he surprisingly said yes. This made you smile ear to ear. Yet now, you're faced with another bird in captivity. And no children can help you set them free. You have to take on the challenge yourself. Dove Rescue From Cage is an outdoor escape game by The Escape Games.

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