Domestic Turkey Rescue Game

Domestic Turkey Rescue

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It's the Thanksgiving season and people are all over the place trying to have the best turkey. You'll be one of them soon. But for now, you want your domestic turkey to just be alive and well. You got this turkey from your father. He raises a lot of them at your farm outside the city. When you were little, you were terrified of them. You saw them as big and scary birds that made loud noises. But as you grew continuing to see them, you began to love them. Then after you bought a wide lot in the city, your father gave you one for you to raise. You were doubting the possibility at first. But the creature seemed to be fine with your backyard and it gave you no problem at all. But you always need to look out for it.

Some people are eyeing your friend because it simply looks scrumptious. Yet you're not ready to see it on your dinner table just yet. Then what you're fearing happens. You wake up early this morning for some strange reasons and you begin to look for your turkey. But you can't find him anywhere. So you walk around your neighborhood to find your turkey in a cage. Play Domestic Turkey Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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