Dark Place Escape Game

Dark Place Escape

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Alfred's worst nightmare have finally come to reality, and that is being trapped inside an abandoned and dark place! Well technically this is self-inflicted for he did enter the place on his own just to find what interesting things he can get his hands on there, but there wasn't anything good in the place at all for almost all the rooms are empty. In his attempts to find something in the place however, he went in deeper into some of the rooms there and that resulted in him getting ridiculously lost!

The darkness is really giving him a disadvantage, for he can't see anything and every move he makes is with uncertainty in terms of where it will take him. Still, Alfred is not giving-up and nobody should, or stay the rest of the night there until morning comes. Escape players, will you help Alfred here escape the dark complex as carefully as you can or risk getting lost even more? Place yourself on his shoes then and navigate out of there, use everything you can find and be ready for anything that might get you in danger while you are in the complex.

Dark Place Escape is a brand new point and click scary abandoned place escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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