Dark Hollow Escape Game

Dark Hollow Escape

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Your sneaky behavior brought you to dark hollow. It was summer time and you had a lot of free time. You had done well in school so you got to skip all the extra works. Fortunately, your friends did well too and you got to spend your free time together. You sat one hot afternoon in your porch drinking some cold lemonade. Then you talked about your plans for the summer. None of you really planned for anything. So you put your heads together to plan a wonderful adventure. Just then, the phone rang and you stood up to answer it. It was your uncle living near the forest. He said he needed your skills to put an end to something. Then he hung up. You didn't know what that something was. But you were willing to find out more about it.

The next day, your group left for your uncle's house. His property was near the hollow. Most of the people were afraid of this area. But you saw it as an exciting location for your adventure. Your uncle told you of the weird happenings taking place. After that, you all went to bed to take care of things in the morning. However, when you woke up you were alone. And you were already inside the hollow. Play Dark Hollow Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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