Dark Depths Escape Game

Dark Depths Escape

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Dark Depths Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Selfdefiant for more fun so that everyone can enjoy!

The last thing Naomi remembers was a loud bang near her apartment and thereafter, she can't remember anything for she thinks that she lost consciousness on the spot, well that's only the least of Naomi's concerns right-now, for she just woke-up in a mysterious place not familiar to her and it was definitely scary! The place seems to be an abandoned underground tunnel sewer system or something and it looked like it hadn't been used for years. Who would bring her in such a place like this? She really expected to be in the hospital after that explosion and she can't expect herself to walk where she is now and not remember anything, but still she is in this tunnels somewhere.

Naomi needs to find her way out of the dark tunnels here before something else happens which can be really bad for her. Escape players, you are very welcome to try the escape adventure here with Naomi, use the best of your skills and logic for a successful escape in the creepy tunnels. Good luck and stay alert as well.


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