Cute Little Bunny Rescue Game

Cute Little Bunny Rescue

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This forest is special because of the bunnies living in this place. However, there is one cute bunny who lost her parents. The hunters caught her bunny parents so you always go to this forest to feed her. Her favorite food is carrot so this is what you have for her today. You always meet at a specific tree but she didn't show up. This seems weird because this bunny is never late. With that, you felt that something is wrong. So, you walked through the forest to find her and to your surprise, she is inside a cage. You believe that hunters did this to her. These hunters should stop but first, you have to rescue the bunny.

She looks so afraid so you have to hurry up and look for a way to open the cage. Good thing that there are objects along the way that you can pick up. You can use those objects for your rescue operation. You just have to use your logic to maximize the use of those. Cute Little Bunny Rescue is another exciting point n' click outdoor escape game from Genie Fun Games that will test your logic. Good luck and have fun!

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