Cursed Lemon Escape

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Teddy knows this forest, he knows that it is both a mix of natural and unnatural for there are beings that lives there that are really out of the norm. One of them was this lemon head which is always acting like a jerk, but the other unnatural beings who lives there are kind so they just leave him be acting like a jerk all day. That day though, he needs some help for he got stuck in something. Well, things still tried to help him but they couldn’t for some reason.

Escape players, Teddy didn’t want to really help this guy for he had dissed him a couple of times and he has a reason, for he also wasn’t a resident of this forest. Still though the lemon is lucky, for Teddy is kind and he will help him still. Will you help Teddy on this too? For it seems where this lemon is trapped is something magical in nature.

Cursed Lemon Escape is a point-and-click wilderness rescue escape game created by Wow escape.

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Walkthrough video for Cursed Lemon Escape

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