Cruel Jack O Lantern Escape

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Finally, you got invited at the spooks’ Halloween party. You have been waiting for this for a long time, you have submitted your request many times but because you are a human and the only ones who can go there were spooks, you got rejected over and over again. But now that has changed for some reason, and you will go.

The venue was in a castle hidden in the dark forest, but as you were on your way though, something needs your help. Escape players, there was this Jack-o-lantern inside this cage and the fiery thing was also heading to the party, but he couldn’t for he is trapped obviously. Okay, you are a bit suspicious of this, but you will make the rescue though. Will you be able to free the Jack-o-lantern so you can go together to the party then?

Cruel Jack O Lantern Escape is a brand new point-and-click spooky rescue escape Hidden O Games released by Name.

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Walkthrough video for Cruel Jack O Lantern Escape

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