Couple Escape From Deadly Tribes

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The forest here is home to a tribe which Billy who lives near them doesn’t even bother them for even when they are mostly harmless they are not easy to talk to. That day, Billy warned a couple who decided to enter there to be aware of the tribe or better yet, not to enter there at all, but they still insisted and went anyways. Billy never thought more about them and he just let them go, he shouldn’t have though for right now they need saving for they got captured by this tribe and was held captive!

This is not good, Billy thought he could have done more but really he warned them enough and they just didn’t listen. But he will help them still for he is the only one that can now. Escape players, Billy is going to do everything that he can to rescue this couple, would you like to help him then so that this won’t get worst than it originally is?

Couple Escape From Deadly Tribes is a brand new point-and-click wilderness rescue escape game from Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Couple Escape From Deadly Tribes

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