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Coffee Shop

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While everybody dreams of working corporate jobs, you want to work in a coffee shop. There's just something relaxing about being surrounded with the aroma of coffee and people taking their time with their drinks. You can't drink anything with caffeine, but you really don't mind smelling them. Your first job made you work from 8am to 5pm and you had to interact with a lot of people always. Being in the shop is quite similar. However, once you give the order to the customer, you can be in your own world once more. It's always a treat for you to just stay in a corner and be in your bubble. You're always more than willing to help as long as it doesn't involve too much interaction with the crowd. People around you called you crazy and said you wouldn't last a day.

However, the longer you stay, the more you feel like you belong in this place. The guard of the shop seems to understand you and doesn't strike up conversations often. He will just be doing his job and sometimes even leave without saying a word. This only becomes a problem when he doesn't ask if you're still around. Play Coffee Shop room escape game by First Escape Games.

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