Issue #2

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Escape players, once again here is another fun puzzle to pass the time and tickle your brain. This game here has interesting and interactive stuff to solve and it will surely interest you good, plus the colors are really eye-catching too.

You may have passed the previous game, but will you pass this one with flying colors? Ready your skills and logic then for you are going to need it to tackle this fun click and play game. Issue #2 is a new point-and-click puzzle game developed by Tom Vencel(Ninjadoodle). This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel.

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Walkthrough video for Issue #2

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3 months ago

At one time, the legendary studio of excellent adventure games “Amanita Design” amazed the world, among other things, by the fact that its games did not require translation. They were understandable intuitively, which in no way made them worse or easier to walkthrough.

Well, with the “Ninjadoodle” games… What can I say – the idea is excellent and the hard work put in is obvious. But… For those whose native language is far from English, everything is not quite simple here. And since the graphics are quite simple, then… Boring – dropped.