The Circle - Stone Fort Escape 47 Game

The Circle - Stone Fort Escape 47

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Statues simply freaked you out. You felt like there was life in them. But were just enclosed in whatever material used. And you always felt like they would explode every time and wreck havoc to everything. Although you knew they were innocent of such claims. But you just felt that you could never be too careful. So you most of the time stayed away from them. For this mission though, you needed to be as close to them as possible. They were the answer to your mission. It was a mission you'd been working on for a while now. Yet you just couldn't seem to reach the end of it. You looked around trying to figure out where the statue could be. The place had healthy vegetation with a closed cave and it instantly raised your worries. If you were worried about statues before, you added what was inside.

Then again, you'd long ago understood that you had to figure out things. Or you would be forever inside this place. So you bravely worked around the strange place. With the only courage that was in you. You slowly found the things you needed. But the fear in your heart was still knocking hard. Play The Circle - Stone Fort Escape 47 outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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