The Circle - Desert Area Escape 48 Game

The Circle - Desert Area Escape 48

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You were traveling in a desert area when a sand storm happened. You had no where to hide so you looked for a little cave for your shelter. It was so hard for you to open your eyes. So you closed them until everything was calm. You had to shake off some sand from your clothes and body. After making sure none would enter your eyes, you opened them. You clearly remembered how the desert looked like before the storm. But the view in front of you wouldn't be formed with just the storm. There was a skeleton of some sort lying on the ground. You walked around it as you looked for some clues as to where you were. Yet it seemed like you focused more  on the creature. You feared that it would walk the earth once more. Even if you knew how impossible it would be.

You walked around some more to find out more about your location. But it seemed like you need to do more than just explore. The camel looked at you lazily probably waiting for you to make some progress. When suddenly, you started hearing some weird noises coming from somewhere inside. And that signal meant it was time for you to escape. Play The Circle - Desert Area Escape 48 outdoor escape game by Enagames.


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