Chimpanzee Tangled Escape Game

Chimpanzee Tangled Escape

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Your great grand parents were chimpanzees. No, they didn't look like chimpanzees, they were real chimpanzees. They took care of your grandpa when he lost in the forest. Your grandpa developed such a great connection with them. After he was rescued from the forest, he went back looking for them after a decade. He just couldn't bear the thought of turning his back on them. Surprisingly, when he returned, the chimpanzees welcomed him warmly. After that your grandpa decided to care for all chimpanzees. However, hunters entered the area and got rid of the creatures they saw. Your grandpa was heartbroken that he became weak and weak. You didn't like seeing him that way. But you couldn't do anything else. You took a trip to a forest near your area to breathe some fresh air. Just then, you heard some rustling from somewhere.

You looked around and saw a chimpanzee. It seemed like he was very happy to see you. He tried so hard to communicate until you understood his message. You immediately started on your way back to tell your grandpa but the path leading back was confusing and challenging. Play Chimpanzee Tangled Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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